Thursday, July 19, 2012

More Lot Clearing!

Today the builder cleared more of our lot! We're pretty sure they're 95% done clearing it now, they just might take a little more off in the 'backyard.' We were hoping they would keep the thin barrier of about 30 pine trees between us and our next door neighbors, but by the time the builder got our email they had already cut down about half of those. The result is that there's still a buffer between our house and backyard and our neighbor's house and backyard, but there aren't really any trees between our respective front yards. We wish they could have saved them, but I guess the front yard is where you need privacy the least... plus, our neighbors are awesome.

As to the placement of the house, the builder promises we'll work that out and adjust the stakes accordingly. That just needs to happen before they pour the foundation, which they're saying will happen the week of the 30th (our anniversary <3!!). Now we've got to make sure a new plot plan actually gets ordered.

Here are some pictures of the lot as it appears now, almost completely cleared!

Oh, and we got rocks! I'm not 100% sure what these are for, but I think they go on the dirt in a semi-driveway type thing so that the construction vehicles can come and go without getting stuck in mud. Yay! Rocks: another milestone!

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