Monday, July 16, 2012

Oven Hood Update, Kinda

In my Barbie Dream Kitchen Post I included a somewhat obstructed picture of our oven hood. On a scale of "can survive without" to "NEED," a glam oven hood of this variety was about a "really want."  With a million other interior and exterior selections in play, the decision seemed like one that was going to have to wait until close to the end, so that we could make sure it fit within our budget. However, the oven hood decision was made MUCH quicker than originally planned when we found out how affordable it was. With the hood in one of the models costing over $10,000, we were ECSTATIC to hear that the hood we wanted was less than a fraction of that. We'll take it!

Here's a picture of exactly what our oven hood will look like (same stain and everything!):

Since I have a super handy hubby, we also plan on adding an applique to it afterwards. This is our (read: my) favorite applique so far. Isn't it fab?

Here's a picture of an oven hood with a similar applique. The hood is different than ours, but you get it.

What do you think of doing the applique in Java? Our island cabinets are going to be Java, so it might be a nice tie-in.

Our builder could have done a stainless steel oven hood like the one below for cheaper, but we thought they were too modern/NY loft-ish for our European/vintage style house. They're still very chic, just wouldn't fit our motif.

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