Monday, August 27, 2012

Our Appliances!

Our initial thought on appliances was that they would be a rip-off if ordered through the builder and that we would be much better off to get them on our own. We never really even requested prices on them through the builder, because we were so convinced it wouldn't be the best deal. Low and behold, we were wrong. On the day we signed off on all of our Design Studio selections the topic somehow came up and we're glad it did, because it turned out that we were able to get some great deals!

We ended up ordering our refrigerator, washer and dryer through the builder after reading reviews and doing some price comparing online. As it turns out, the refrigerator was about $100 more than the BEST deal online for the same model, making it cheaper since we won't have to pay shipping/delivery/installation/tax. The washer was cheaper through the builder than anywhere else online and the dryer was right about the same cost as the cheapest one we found online, but again, both would end up saving us money because we won't pay all of those extra costs through the builder. The best part is, that on top of all that, we had a coupon good for $500 off your total appliances cost, which brought each of them well below the best online prices. Yay! Not to mention, ordering through the builder takes away S O  M U C H  H A S S L E and the risks of scuffing the floors/walls while installing. We're pretty stoked!
Here's our beautiful stainless steel refrigerator by Whirlpool:

The rest of our kitchen appliances (which all came free from the builder) are also stainless, so this is a good match. Also, the ice maker command panel is digital touch screen, which is pretty cool!
Here is our washer and our dryer, which I'm VERY excited about! They are Whirlpool Duets and the color is called Cranberry. :)  They are incredibly energy efficient and reportedly use 80% less water than a traditional washer and dryer. Also, they're supposedly noiseless. One review said they wouldn't wake a baby sleeping in the same room. Who needs a nursery when you have a laundry room, right?
I planned the laundry room around having a red washer and dryer, so these will be perfect! Our laundry room cabinets are "Java" (so dark of a brown that they're practically black) and our tile in that room is ivory with a gray vein.
Here are the kitchen appliances that we already knew we had coming (they come standard with every Executive Collection house in Hasentree).
Our KitchenAid stainless steel dishwasher:
Our KitchenAid stainless steel double wall oven:

Who knew appliances could be so much fun?!

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