Friday, November 23, 2012

Black Friday Shopping for the BDH

Oh, Black Friday.

This day has long been one of my favorite days of the year. It's all about shopping and Christmas, my two favorite things. For whatever reason, Ross gets a huge kick out of it too, so it's a huge day in our household. When we lived in Houston, or the 'Black Friday Big League' as we like to call it, we became quite proficient at and enamored by the act of doorbusting. We've never really needed anything in particular; we just loved the adventure of it. But when you're closing on your first home in 8 weeks, Black Friday takes on a whole new purpose.

Today almost every item we brought home will in some way serve the BDH. We were out for furniture, kitchen stuff, decor and yard tools. You would think we would have all of these things already, having rented a home for 3.5 years and being newlyweds, but we still have lots of gaps and TONS of things that need replacing. We figured there was no better day to set out to get/replace these things than a day we love, we know and a day with rock bottom prices. Plus, lets face it, furnishing, decorating and supplying the BDH is going to be a costly process, so we need to seize any and all opportunities to find the things the BDH needs at the best prices.

Enough talking, here's our Black Friday BDH haul:

We got these two 40' TV's at GREAT prices (Ross, my mom and I waited in line for four hours to score them), one for the hearth room and one for our master bedroom.

Something we really wanted to do was to replace our cookware to one nice, complete set, preferably in stainless steel. Our current pots and pans are old, mismatched and in rough shape. We figured that if you're building your dream kitchen, you should do it right. This is the set we got:

We also supplemented it by buying these two pieces separately. They're both really large and seemed really universal.

Like many things, our leaf blower was broken in the move, so we needed to replace it. We found this on at a GREAT price ($15!!), so we figured it was a good opportunity to replace it.
Our tupperware in Texas was JUNKY. Even worse, it would all fall down on us in a disastrous mess when we opened the cabinets. Needless to say, the opportunity to replace it with a nice set that stacks was well worth $7.
We also got a new set of Pyrex that includes bakeware and storageware.

Our kitchen will have a bar, which is something our rental house in Texas didn't have, so we had to find bar stools. We got a great deal on these today and we're very happy with them! They're oil rubbed bronze, which matches our fixtures.

Oh, and what's Black Friday without getting a little deal for yourself? I got these beauties today and LOVE them!
What deals did you barbies score today?



  1. Where oh where did you get those pretty earrings?? :)

  2. Adrienne, the earrings are from Belk of all places! Thanks for reading the BDH blog! xox


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