Monday, December 3, 2012

Fabulous Foyers!

One of the reasons we chose our floorplan is because it came with such a stunning foyer. It's very wide, two stories high and has a spiral staircase. Is walking in a semi-circle the most efficient means of getting somewhere? Well, no. But is there any more glamorous way to debut a new outfit than to walk slowly down a spiral staircase? Exactly.

Also, while living in Texas, I saw this fabulous picture in Cy-Fair Lifestyles and Homes Magazine and upon seeing it, I knew in the bottom of my barbie heart that someday I had to [attempt to] recreate it, which would obviously require several things, the most distinct of which are a spiral staircase and a giant sleigh.This picture was taken in the home of the family that founded the Round Top Collection (which my mother-in-law got me turned on to and I absolutely ADORE). Isn't it breathtaking? Doesn't it make you want a big, beautiful foyer like this one?

So that's part of how we got to where we are today, building our first home in a situation that seemed like a dream and could in many ways possibly turn out to be a nightmare, but that's a story for another blog post (pending a negative response from our builder on the TCE issue).

This is our staircase as it stands now (a work in progress):

Here is a photo of our foyer in a finished model of our house in another state:

It's hard to imagine our foyer going from where it is now to the picture immediately above in under 8 weeks, but we've got our fingers crossed. Now if you want to see some fabulous, truly custom foyers, you know I've got you covered. These are enough to make any barbie drool:


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