Thursday, January 3, 2013


Finally, today was the day we've been pining for, longing for, praying for, hoping for, lusting for, begging for, BARTERING WITH THE HEAVENS FOR... drywall installation day!

Drywall is such an important milestone for so many reasons: it's the first time (to this barbie, anyway) that the house begins to actually look like a house; it's the day the house begins to smell like a house (not just a muddy pile of lumber); it's the time when you can first accurately gauge your closing day; and lastly, it's the corner you round into home base (forgive the sports analogy barbies), making it a straight shot to move-in day! We've watched as other houses on our street hit the drywall stage, suddenly there's a quick flurry of activity at their homes, with multiple crews there at all times, and boom, the house is done and they live happily ever. For so long we wanted that to be us, and now it finally is!

Check out the BDH in all it's newly drywalled fabulousness:

Clockwise L to R, this is: our dining room, a peak at the kitchen, a peak at the family room and a little of the foyer/staircase.

This is looking down into our formal living room and foyer. Drywall everywhere! Yay!

This is me standing in our brand new, DRYWALLED kitchen! The cabinets are on their way! The first floor ceilings are 10ft, which is why I look like a midget in this picture.

Hubby standing in our family room, checking it out. Even the ceilings got drywall!

Standing in our family room looking up at our upstairs balcony arches. :) Johan designed/built these arches practically from scratch - he's got skills.

 More drywalled ceiling!

Standing in our formal living room, looking up at the Juliet Balcony. Yes, that's really what it's called! Cutest construction term ever. It will have a very European looking semi-circle iron railing soon.

Standing in the BDH foyer (pinching myself that we finally have drywall).

Today we also had a really nice, impromptu meeting with our two favorite Toll Brothers employees: Johan and Rick. I'm sure you've read our rave reviews of these two before, especially Johan, - they're straight shooters and you can actually count on them to get the job done and do what they say. They both came out to our house to resolve two issues, one with the breakfast room's cathedral ceiling and one with our master shower. Both issues were resolved quickly and intelligently and it was very refreshing. The source of these two issues was the same source of all of our issues, but at least they're resolved now.

Also, our upgraded front doors finally came in! They're not stained yet, but will be when our front porch pillars come in so that the stain can match. The stain color we picked is a really dark brown. The delay in their delivery caused delays in other things, like the stone on the front of the house being installed/masoned/whatever the term is, but now that they're here, everything should proceed as planned. Here they are (as they sit in our garage):

Lastly, this was the first time we had ever seen our home lit up at night. Don't get me wrong barbs, we still don't have light fixtures, but the crew that was still there after sunset (yay for awesome worker bees!) had their own construction lighting inside, which kinda gave the appearance of a house with light fixtures. A doll can dream, right?

We've brought you the BDH bad times and today we can finally bring you some BDH good times again! Thanks for always celebrating with us barbies!


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