Sunday, January 6, 2013

The BDH is starting to look like a house!

As Phil Robertson would say, we're happy, happy, happy. The drywall crew is working around the clock (until 7pm Thursday and Friday and then all day Saturday) and is doing a fabulous job! Our house is beginning to look, smell and actually feel like a real house. They hung the drywall Thursday and Friday morning, then taped it Friday afternoon and on Saturday they were mudding/plastering it! Here are some pictures of the progress!

 The family room/great room/living room (everyone at Toll calls it something different):

Here's the kitchen. The area that still has the pink ceiling is the breakfast room. The half wall will be a bar. The guys on the stilts are the fabulous drywall crew members, not to be confused with BDH circus performers.

The dining room:

One of the guest bedrooms/future baby rooms. This is the only spare bedroom downstairs:

The formal living room (my favorite):
This picture was taken from the media room upstairs, with looks down into the formal living room via a balcony and vaulted ceilings in the formal living room.
 This is a picture of the balcony, taken from the formal living room, looking up:

This is the study/library. It's adjacent to the formal living room.

Wine cellar:
The foyer (with scaffolding & crew :) )

The upstairs hallway, which overlooks the foyer and the family room:
Our master, taken from the master sitting room:
Our master bath, with my clothes closet doors on the right and my shoe closet door on the left:
Looking into the shoe closet (as my heart skips a beat):
Here's one of the guest/future baby's bathrooms upstairs. The other one is exactly like this, it just doesn't have a window.
Here's the BDH from the front yesterday. It hasn't changed much at all on the exterior, especially when compared to the interior. We expect our stone (which will go in all of the places currently green), doors, and exterior paint sometime next week or the week after.

More good news: we're not the only house on the street experiencing swift progress! A lot of the houses are really coming along, especially our next door neighbor's, so we thought we'd share their progress too.

Here is our next door neighbor's house, which had a full framing crew onsite yesterday. It's going to be a beautiful home for sure.

That's all for now barbies! Nothing but good news to report from where we sit in Hasentree. Stay tuned for exterior stone, door installation and CABINETS AND GRANITE (pardon the all caps, but I can hardly contain myself for the girly stuff) next week and the week after!


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