Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Cabinets, Trim, Window Panes & Molding!

Now that the BDH is done with drywall, we've finally moved on to the girly, pretty things, like molding and cabinets! Our interior doors are being installed already, our cabinets have been delivered but not yet installed (hopefully any day now), our window panes (which are really deep and look great!) are being installed already, our doorway trim and molding are partially done and our granite is set to be installed next week!

Here are some pictures of all the pretty goodies!

Sorry for the boxer butt in the picture above! It was dark and I didn't realize he photo bombed.

Here are all of the kitchen cabinet boxes. There were so many that they couldn't all fit in the kitchen, which is why this first picture was taken in the garage.

We couldn't resist opening one of the boxes (we put it back when we were done, obvi). These are our springhill square maple antique white glaze cabinets. The island cabinets are springhill square maple in java, both are by Yorktowne Cabinetry.

Here is our exterior stone, which was delivered last week but hasn't been installed yet.

Oh, and here are some pictures of the completed drywall before the trim, molding and cabinet work started.

Family room:

Standing in the formal living room, looking through the entrance to the wine cellar at the hall and a guest bedroom and the family room:

Standing in the library looking into the formal living room, foyer, and dining room:

Standing in the dining room, looking at the foyer, formal living room and library (aka the reverse of the last picture):

The foyer:

The dining room:

Back staircase:

In the master sitting room looking into the master:

Upstairs hall (my current fave spot thanks to the arches):

Last and kinda least, here's our back porch, which was finished last week:

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