Sunday, July 20, 2014

Home Updates and Summer Fun

Hello barbies!

I hope you're all enjoying this beautiful summer! In North Carolina it's been fairly mild and not near as stormy as last summer, which we've been taking full advantage of. For July 4th, we spent the weekend with my parents at their lake house on Kerr Lake, near the NC/Virginia border. It was beautiful, with the highlight being a sunset boat ride with some of our close friends to go watch fireworks. Some of my favorite shots from that boat ride are below.

My parents' lake house is on 10 acres of land and really wooded. It's so country and beautiful. I just love being up there and getting some fresh air.

Ross also traveled to New York this month to visit his mom at her amazing 100+ year old Adirondack farmhouse and snapped this photo from his plane when over Manhattan, which I thought was really cool. Stay tuned for a post in the next week or two on my mother-in-law's farmhouse, inside and out. Not only are the Adirondack Mountain views breathtaking, but she's quite the decorator - the interior will blow your mind.

As always, we've also been doing some updating to the BDH. I just bought new floor length crushed satin curtains for our dining room and sun room, which will hopefully be done in the next week or two. I'll post pics as soon as we get them up!

We also got a GREAT deal on a new black comforter, which is super comfy. With the tan walls, I thought our black and cream master needed a little more black and a little less cream. To see how we DIY'd this upholstered headboard on the cheap, click here.

We also finally bought and hung tip towel holders in our master bath. For whatever reason, we've just never gotten around to it until now.

We also bought three new matching cream bath mats and I plan on adding crystals to the master bath chandelier sometime today. I ordered a bunch online a couple months back and I've been slowly but surely stringing them and adding them to some chandeliers that need the extra pizazz.

I also bought three new tiny glass jars at a thrift shop yesterday for our guest bathrooms - they were 75 cents each! This one is my favorite:

 Last but not least, here's a pic collage of hubby and I's date night earlier this week.

Thanks for reading, barbies! Between the rain, by oversized office chair and my chai tea, it's been a great day for blogging! xoxo!

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