Sunday, January 18, 2015

BDH Updates: a new brown sectional sofa, furniture shuffling & more

Hello barbies! Over the past few months, we've had a handful of updates at the BDH that maybe weren't worth a full post on their own, but I thought I should share altogether.

The biggest of these updates would probably be that we moved our family room furniture into our sunroom and purchased a new large brown sectional for our family room in early December. We LOVE our family room furniture - its so us and our first big furniture purchase together - but we really wanted to get back to having a sectional in our family room like we did in our Texas house (that well loved, yet tired sectional is now living out its golden years in our media room, in case you were wondering).

So we sold our leather couch that we had in our sunroom on Craigslist, moved our nice family room furniture into that room, then replaced the family room furniture with a really large brown upholstered sectional... and we're so happy! Having our nice set in the sunroom has been great, because its so cold in there this time of the year (hardwoods, lots of windows) (the leather couch was just too cold for that room) and the new sectional is amazing and just the right size for two humans and 3 dogs that insist on all sitting on the same piece of furniture. My BFF Vanesa and I picked out the fur pillows together - love them. We also bought a new peace lily houseplant to keep the indoor air clean (peace lily's have indoor air filtering qualities) and to add some greenery.

The new family room:


The new sunroom:

A few mantle upgrades and updates:

Some changes to our downstairs hallway side table:

 I'm OBSESSED with this new iron coffee table that my mother-in-law gave us when we were visiting Texas over Christmas. In addition to our DIY patio (full post here), with DIY couch (full post here), we now have a cute little sitting area on the porch thanks to this table. I plan on doing more to this spot soon, but for now, you get the picture.

And of course, our new wine cellar, which I blogged about last week here:

Now we're working on some upgrades to our foyer (and I'm loving what we've bought so far so much I can hardly contain myself!), filling out our media room (to my surprise, hubby denied my request to hang 6 different Titanic movies posters) and beautifying our kinda bland upstairs guest room (it's going to be so light and dreamy! my mom is already sewing the curtains). Stay tuned and thanks for reading dolls!


  1. I just found your blog via pinterest. I am enjoying reading each post (I am slowly reading each one) Your blog is beautiful. I enjoy how you post on so many different topics from fashion, food, holidays, home improvement and decor. Thank you for sharing.

  2. wow you have an amazing house and an amazing collection of shoes. Your house looks very like a show home though as its so clean! I'm not sure how you can keep it looking so good. You obviously don't have any kids or dogs with muddy paws. Thanks for the interesting blog and update about your life.

    Peter @ Colourlock


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