Saturday, December 1, 2012

Pre-Drywall Meeting Re-Cap

Yesterday we had our Pre-Drywall Meeting, one of two major, mandatory meetings you have with Toll Brothers when building a house with them, the other being the Pre-Construction Meeting.

This meeting usually takes place after electrical, plumbing and HVAC but before siding and drywall starts. Since our plumbing, HVAC and one of the two electrical segments have been done for about 3 weeks now, we've been trying to schedule this meeting for almost a month, to no avail. As you know, we even have our siding done now. We kept asking and asking and ASKING our sales person to schedule this meeting and he just never did. Finally, the Project Manager stepped in and helped us get it scheduled, for which we are very thankful.

The meeting was with Johan, the Senior Construction Manager at Hasentree. I'm sure you've read my rave reviews of Johan throughout the blog. He's certainly our favorite person at Toll Brothers (possibly with the exception of our fabulous, now-retired design studio consultant, Yosra) because he is trustworthy, reliable and professional. When Johan says he's going to do or fix something, you can count on him to do or fix it. Also, there's no way we could conceive of him having been involved in the major material cover up that I've written about in past posts concerning the safety of our property. Plus, we bond over chocolate.

Ross and I brought a list of items that needed to be addressed to the meeting and Johan went through them one by one. The window we ordered in August will be installed in the family room sometime this week. The wall between our kitchen and family room is going to be extended two feet, as we requested through our sales person about a month ago. Johan is looking into the ceiling issue in our master bath. It's supposed to be cathedral, per the contract, blueprints and floorplan handout, but its currently flat as can be. When we toured Duncans in the Bluffs section of Hasentree, both of them had the cathedral ceilings in the bathrooms, which is a big feature that drew us to the house. We also designed our back deck layout. A few outlets, vents and thermostats are going to be moved to more logical places, but that's about all that happened at our pre-drywall meeting.

Johan explained the current game plan as this: next week (the first week of December) he is bringing in the framer to fix the wall, the media room issue and a few other small things. We also may have our siding painted and hopefully will have our framing inspection and Energy Star inspection. The next week we hope to start drywall,which ushers in all of the fun stuff like cabinets and granite! Also, our exterior stone and front doors should go up that week.

We still don't have a response from Toll Brothers on the very troublesome issue I've alluded to in prior posts, despite hoping for one yesterday. We're really hoping that they'll do the right thing, but we'll keep you posted. If they don't act honorably, you will certainly hear all about it on this blog. As you can see, we're proceeding with the house building and meetings as we should as a precaution, but we certainly can't make any big decisions about our future in Hasentree until we get Toll's response.

Here are the latest pictures of our siding, now that it is completely done:

The view down our street:

Hasentree at Christmas, the Family Activities Club:
 The model home:

Also of note: the BDH blog is almost up to 30,000 viewers! For the past week or so, we've had about 1,000-1,200 viewers per day! Blogger also tells me that this blog is now the 6th most visited site when "Hasentree" is googled! Wow! Thank you so much for all of the love and support barbs! I'm honored to have you all visiting this site and caring about our home construction journey. I'm working on a fun way to thank you guys when we hit 30,000 - stay tuned!


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